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Inspired cleaning ltd has been providing the residents and businesses of London and Essex a professional window cleaning service that is of high quality, reliable, safe and complies with EEC & HSE Work at Height regulations. Inspired cleaning LTD have over 25 years’ experience in cleaning. We are also able to offer other cleaning services such as jet washing, cladding cleaning, bird prevention and more.  Feel free to contact us to find out more
At Inspired cleaning ltd we pride ourselves on providing quality cleaning in the safest possible way to our clients also aiming to cause minimum disturbance to business where ever possible. This can include simple things as such as working on client premises before customers or staff arrive to cause minimum disruption.
We are able to carry out various techniques to reach the hardest and highest windows using a wide variety of access techniques including, abseiling, water fed pole window cleaning, cherry pickers, cradles, ladders, safety harnesses etc.
Inspired cleaning is fully insured and carries out full risk and method statements before any work commences.
Inspired cleaning ltd are certain we will exceed all your expectations.  Feel free to contact us for a free no obligation quote and site survey.

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